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Getting Started – Basic Decal Installation

Step 1 – Preparing the decal for installation

To assure that the decal will stay on the transfer tape when installing the decal, do this before you install: Take the squeegee, using the edge at a 45 degree angle, and rub it firmly over the whole surface of the decal. This will help the decal pieces adhere to the transfer tape. If you have issues with stubborn decal pieces, see solution at the bottom of the page.

Clean the surface! Getting the grime off is elementary, but sometimes dust can cause more problems than you’d think. Trapped dust is one of the most common causes of bubbles in applied vinyl. Make sure your surface is clean, dry, and free of lint and dust before applying your stickers. We recommend checking out our cleaning supplies.

Position the decal with masking tape, holding the decal to the vehicle surface. Once the decal is positioned on the vehicle, stand back and examine the decal placement. Adjust as necessary. Apply a long piece of masking tape along the top of the decal with approximately half of the tape on the decal and half on the vehicle or window surface. This will make a large hinged 'flap'. The hinged flap will make installation much easier.


Step 2 – Applying the Decal

Raise the hinged 'flap', lay it against the surface, upside down, and begin DIAGONALLY from the upper left corner to peel the waxy backing sheet off of the bottom of the decal (exposing the sticky side of the decal). Do not allow the sticky side of the decal to contact the vehicle surface until you have finished peeling off the backing. Then gently flip the decal down, holding the outside two corners, and place the sticky side onto the surface. Use your hands to smooth the decal out carefully, working from the center, outwards. Use the squeegee to rub the decal with more pressure into position.


Step 3 – Finishing the Installation

The transfer tape (top layer) has a light adhesive backing. Remove it within 15 minutes after the decal is installed. Finish removing the transfer tape covering, peeling from one side to the other – SLOWLY and at a DIAGONAL ANGLE. Any large bubbles can be removed using a small pin. Take the pin and poke a small hole in the vinyl at the source of the bubble. Then with the squeegee, push the remaining air out of the bubble. If there are tiny bubbles, they will disappear on their own.


Your new decaldino sticker is now installed!



*The stubborn pieces solution is our “Flip Tip”. Even with high tack tape, sometimes the vinyl just does not want to let go of that liner. Simply flip the vinyl over so that the letters are now face down, with the back of the liner face up. Then peel the liner at a 180° angle back along the table surface (not upward towards you). It sounds like a minor thing, but it will make a big difference in separating the vinyl from the liner. This works with many of our products.


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