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Badge Wrap Installation

Getting Started

Step 1 - (Most important step!)

Thoroughly clean the entire badge and area to be wrapped. (We recommend using our Surface Prep Wipes prior to the wrap installation.) Spend extra time cleaning along the edges and crevices of the emblem. Most wraps fail at the edges where the area wasn’t properly cleaned. This allows dirt and liquids to get behind the decal, loosening the adhesion.

Step 2

Peel the backing paper from the wrap and position the material centered on the badge.

Step 3

Press firmly with your thumbs on the center of the badge, smoothing your way out. If you get a wrinkle then simply pull the area up and smooth it back down again. You can use heat to remove any wrinkles and a credit card or squeegee edge to help get the material into the small crevices along the edges and corners.

Step 4

Use a sharp blade (we recommend an olfa or x-acto knife) to begin tracing the outline of your wrap. Start by finding the groove between the emblem and the surrounding bezel. Take your time! You do not want to cut the wrap or the outside area of the emblem.


Remove the excess material and unveil your new vehicle badge! Good job.



Let your decal sit for 24 hours before washing / waxing, or driving in inclement weather (rain/snow/freezing temp)

For optimum results, surface temperature should be above 50 degrees F. and below 90 degrees F.