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Wrap Kit for Wyze Cam V3 / V3 Pro

Wrap Kit for Wyze Cam V3 / V3 Pro

$ 9.99

(As of November 2022 this wrap will accommodate the V3 Pro and fit both the V3 and V3 Pro models.)

Personalize and protect your device.

  • You will receive four pieces for the front, back, base and top/sides of the camera.
  • Made only from premium graphic vinyl, 2.5 mils thick!


Step 1: (Most important step!) Thoroughly clean the entire area to be wrapped. You do not want dust or dirt particles leaving bumps or bubbles underneath.

Step 2: We recommend cleaning and installing it indoors in a controlled environment.

Step 3: Peel the backing paper from the wrap and position the material centered over the device's camera area first. Press down around the lens first then smooth down around the embossed area and edge.

Step 4: For the sides, align the wrap on the bottom first Press down then smooth the sides down moving towards the opposite side of the cam. If you get a wrinkle then simply pull the area up and smooth it back down again.

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