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Black Wyze Cam Wrap Skin cover decal shell matte case Neos Smartcam

Wrap Kit for Wyze Cam V2 (2018)

$ 8.99

Personalize and protect your device. Wyze Cam V1 (2017) / V2 (2018)

  • You will receive two pieces for the front and top of the camera.
  • Made only from premium graphic vinyl, 2.5 mils thick!


Step 1: (Most important step!) Thoroughly clean the entire area to be wrapped. You do not want dust or dirt particles leaving bumps or bubbles underneath.

Step 2: We recommend cleaning and install it indoors in a controlled environment.

Step 3: Peel the backing paper from the wrap and position the material centered over the device's camera and round sensor.

Step 4: Press down on the front of the wrap first then smooth the sides down moving towards the back of the cam. If you get a wrinkle then simply pull the area up and smooth it back down again.

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