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decaldino "Surface Prep" Cleaning Wipe

decaldino "Surface Prep" Cleaning Wipe

$ 1.00

Prior to any decal-sticker or wrap installation, the surface should be well prepped. Cleaning and removing any contaminants, that will affect the adhesion between the decal and the application surface, will insure that the decal stays stuck for a long time!

This cleaning wipe will aid in removing any bugs, tar, sap, grease and other dirt contaminants leading to a better surface bond and end result.

  1. It is advised to first remove any excessive dirt with a normal soapy wash.
  2. Remove the Surface Prep wipe from the package and thoroughly clean the surface. Be sure to remove dirt from any cracks and along the edges that the decal/wrap may touch.
  3. Let air dry for a couple minutes or dry with a lint-free micro fiber cloth before installing your decal/wrap.

Actual wipe size is 4.3" x 5.9" . Packaging may vary.

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